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HyggeB Sheets


Made from 100% Organic Bamboo Lyocell, HyggeB’s bed sheets are different from the typical bamboo sheets you find at various marketplaces.

So, why did we go with bamboo as our preferred raw material?

It’s one of the most sustainable raw materials to make into fabric and what’s more, it’s vegan-friendly!

We take care of your fabric.
You take care of your sleep.

1. Bamboo as the base

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. It requires less energy and water (1/10 that of cotton) to grow and maintain as compared to other plants and trees used for fiber production.

On top of that, bamboo has a natural anti-bacterial agent called 'kun', and therefore there’s no need for the use of pesticides and other chemicals to protect the plant.

Did you know: Conventional cotton is one of the world’s filthiest (accounts for about 16-24% of word’s insecticides and 11% of global pesticide sales) and highest water-consumption crops.
Bamboo Lyocell by HyggeB

Characteristics of Bamboo


Self-renewable resource

100% Organic, No Chemicals

100% organic. No pesticides, herbicides

Anti Bacteria

Naturally Anti-Bacteria

Water Saving

Use 10 times LESS water to grow than cotton

2. HyggeB™ Bamboo Lyocell: Manufacturing Process

Bamboo Rayon vs Lyocell

Conventional methods of making bamboo sheets from bamboo fiber destroy the natural qualities of bamboo due to the harmful solvents used.

Aside from that, these chemicals are often being disposed of irresponsibly, causing harm to the environment and humans.

Unlike typical bamboo rayon sheets, the manufacturing of HyggeB™ Bamboo Lyocell is through an extremely sustainable process that creates the least impact on the environment and the people handling it.

Understanding Our Process

Raw bamboo is dissolved in a harmless solvent which is then recycled and reused (up to 99.8% of the solvent) along with water in a closed-loop system. The remaining emissions are then being broken down in biological water treatment plants.

DId you know: Such a system ensures that there’re no residues of harmful chemicals being released into the environment and a heavy reduction of water consumption overall.

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3. Benefits of HyggeB Sheets

Yes, we’re proud that our sheets play a huge role in keeping the world a lovely place to live in. *ignores humble brag*

What about the direct benefits it brings? Read on and be amazed by it. We know.

You Get a Healthier Sleep

Who doesn’t know that a night of really good sleep can give you a healthier mind and body? But let’s be frank here, not everyone truly enjoys their sleep as much as they want to.

Sweating during the night, rough fabric rubbing on the skin, itches that come from allergies, etc are common reasons we’ve been hearing.

HyggeB™ Bamboo Lyocell sheets are hence created to free you from the above sleeping nightmares and achieve a healthier sleep!

Benefits of HyggeB

Designed for your everyday sleep

Incredibly Soft like Clouds

Fluffy as clouds: Bounce into bed and embrace the insanely soft and silky smooth texture of our sheets.

Highly Breathable

Sleep good, Smell good: Wicks moisture away from the skin, preventing bacterial growth that is the root cause of odor! (Superior breathability = perfect for hot sleepers)         

Anti Bacteria

Extra 'Protection' in Bed: *wink wink* - but seriously, our sheets are hypoallergenic that is ideal for sensitive skin. 

Thermal Regulating

Bye bye heat: Thermal-regulating allows our sheets to be cool in summer and warm in winter! (Due to its nano-fibers hydrophilic nature)

Pleasant sleep for many many nights

We believe our sheets are so strong and durable that you'll never get an excuse to switch them out (unless for washing).

Of course, we’re not encouraging you to stop shopping at our store, *cough cough*. We earnestly just hope that you can have many pleasant sleep nights with our HyggeB sheets and only to come back to us for more designs!

Being naturally anti-bacterial and highly breathable, our HyggeB sheets stay fresh for a longer period compared to many other sheets in the market.

You know... we'll let you cheat and skip 'sheets-washing chores' for some weeks... off to sleep then!

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